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By TeDecc
I was just wondering if anyone had experience with child modelling? I always get told that I should put my 2.5yr old son into modelling so I submitted a couple of photos into Brats Models last night and received an email this morning congratulating me for being accepted for an interview.

The thing is the interview costs $50 and if I wish to continue it's a further $500 which will put a dint in my savings/ emergency money. That would be fine if I was sure that it isn't a scam to get money out of parents so that's why I am writing this to see if any other mothers have had any experience with the process??
By willow
Payment for the interview doesn't sound right not sure what other agencies do, but I have done one interview for no cost. If you go to Starnow site there are a number of agencies calling for child models. BTW I also would like to know the ones with the most respected reputations in Vic cause in the end you dont want to be scammed
By jenperera
My daughter was a model for 3 years, I never paid for the first meeting 'interview! she got only 3-4 jobs in that time mainly being Kmart, so unless you are guaranteed to make more than what you are paying for your agent fees it is NOT worth it. My daughter was lucky and was represented for free so I didn't have any out of pocket expenses. Most places have too many children to get them all jobs. In all honesty it's not worth doing it, why lose your hard earned money for the modelling agency to make more easy money???.
By nerdymummy
sounds like a scam. my mum was approached at a shopping centre about singing my little sister up (she would of been about 2 or 3 then) so mum got all excited and went ahead with it, sounds similar to your situation because she had to pay the fee first, then had to pay for professional photos (which they had set up, i.e their photographers, more money in their pockets!) anyway, she paid it all and my sister never got a single job, mum never heard from them again! lol. Waste of money, she at least got some cute photos out of it I guess...
By domsmommy
Hi there,
I signed my son up almost a year ago. They sounded great, really get you excited (your baby can earn between $800 and $10000 or more for one job and such).... I didnt have to pay for the first interview, but there was a membership fee of nearly $500. On top of that i had to pay for the professional photo shoot for the child's portfolio by their photographers which cost $89, but we had an option of buying the photos too, which i did (i had to - he was just too adorable, hehe). In the end i paid around $900 for the whole thing, and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, we never got one invitation!!!
To add to the whole thing, they took another payment from my bank account two weeks ago. When i called them first they said i haven't paid for the photos, but than 'realised it was a mistake' and apologised.... But it is not easy for a single mum who is on a budget to wait 3 days for her money to be returned!!!!
In the end, we all know our babies are the cutest. We don't need a modelling agency to tell us so. And there are other ways to earn money. Rather spend those $500 on your little darling....
But good luck either way :)