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By ruthie
I'm wondering about the things that constitute 'stalking'? Looking through the NSW police checklist, it seems to me that action taken to control, such as phoning organisations one has to do business with to find out when the business is available so as to say "No, do it then, I'm not cooperating with your doing it any other time" etc. might be taken to be staking, particularly if it's an habitual thing. But I'm not sure, anyone thoughts on this issue? I know that for many ex-partners, control and contacts designed to control are a habit, I'm wondering if they've ever been called 'stalking' though.
By ruthie
Ok I can see the best practice principles from the FCA might be relevant to this behaviour, perhaps not 'stalking' per se? Hmmm.
By lilmama
I guess the thing to remember is that when it comes to FL, there's a fine line between stalking and showing 'concern' for a child. 
To me, stalking is generally being a pest and deliberately harassing someone/business - but ex partners can argue that it's not and that they're just showing interest. I guess the key is to demonstrate that the interest is unhealthy and is stalking because it's unreasonable in  it's volume.