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By carter
My husband and i have been seperated since new years. I have a new Partner who is nineteen years my senior (49) i have just found out that i am pregnant. So apart from kicking myself for letting it happen i have no idea what to do. my kids are 5 and 3 and i have no idea how they would react to this. I have an appointment at the clinic next week for a termination as this was my first instinct but as time is passing i don't know what to do anymore :( :( :(
By emsmum
Phew, the fact that you asking means to me it's a big decision. My lovely girl is here as suprise too, but I figured if she made it against the odds, well here she is. Not an easy decision, but your decision, you know what you and your family can live through.
By Mummy Moderator
Hi Carter,

I agree with Ems mum - the fact that you are voicing doubts could be significant - at least you have a few days to mull it over and decide.
Of course, many of us on here had to make decisions regarding "surprise" pregnancies and have gone ahead with the preganancy - and although it's not often you hear people complaining that they went ahead with a pregnancy, sometimes they do!
I think also that many of us have had an abortion at some stage and thought it was the right thing to do for our circumstances at that time - and some may even regret that decision now.
In the end you need to follow your own head AND your heart - if you are having doubts, I would take that as a sign that maybe you DO want this baby, despite its unplanned nature - but I'm also pro-choice, and don't want to unduly influence you - you, and only you need to choose the right choice for you and your family - and if that means termination, then so be it - just don't allow yourself to be swayed by the father, or well-meaning friends, because you are the one that must live with your decision in the end - right or wrong - baby or no baby.