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By jen227
We had an attempted break-in at our place over the weekend. We're renting and have never had keys for the security doors on the house and it's always made me feel a bit vulnerable. I've asked the agent I rent through for the keys time and time again and never got them so this morning I called the agent and the guy told me that I'm allowed to change the locks on the house as many times as I like during my tenancy (I didn't know that - haven't rented before!!) so my friendly neighbourhood locksmith is coming later to change the locks on the security doors. Hopefully the kids and I will be able to sleep better tonight with the doors firmly locked!!
By Mummy Moderator
OMG jen227, firstly, welcome, but oh poor you almost getting broken into - such an invasion on your sense of security! Well, that's great you're getting the locks changed, and surely they won't be back but it's good to be super-safe!
By jen227
Thanks for the welcome!! I have to say that I'm loving this forum!!

I think we'll all sleep better tonight knowing that the house is as secure as we can make it. At the moment though I'm jumping at every noise and I feel very vulnerable. Looking forward to seeing Mr Locksmith this afternoon lol!!