For (non-profit) organisations that can offer our single mums some support or help if needed...
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By findingnemo
hi there,
have a bit of an issue with plumbing that might take some sorting out. Yes I could just call a plumber...but have been through A LOT lately to the point where it really feels like I need some hand holding to work out a plan to tackle this. Hubby has shot through is the short version of the story. It needs looking at . Does anyone have ideas, don't want to keep bothering friends about it, and I my Dad has heart problems!
The plumbing problem in the yard is quite stressful, and really bothering me. Who could I call on to give me some hand holding to sort it out do you think? Is there a community organisation that could help. Just want some moral support to get through it. Many thanks for any ideas!!
press on and smile :)