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By Tenderbear
Where were you emotionally for last four years?
because of you our children cried
You said that you would be there to help us
But we now know that you lied.
Where were you when we needed you?
You were at with your friends or gone.
Our kids don‘t want your money, all they wanted was you.
You wouldn’t understand how they feel
You were never here. We needed you
Not a teddy bear
I wanted a hug from my man
Not my friends
But you left for the last time
I would call you every day so you could speak to your kids
And after they would cry
But you don’t care
That’s why I now have the courage to say goodbye!
By Angels3
One may never know but what we do know and what your children will remember is that you were there tenderbear. Congrats on being a fabulous mother and stay strong. Big hugs for you.