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By ashie
I left my husband 3 weeks ago and took our 10mnth old son aswell. Me and H had been fighting alot, name calling, getting angry then wouldnt speak to eachother even pushed eachother and I threw a few small objects over the last few months. He has asked me 3 times what is happening and I have said we need space and dont want to put the pressure on us of getting back together as we will just see what happens. I love him so much but i have had less to do since being a single mum, my H relies on me to do soooo much for him. He is a great man and he loves our son to bits. We have been togther for nearly 6 years and married for nearly 2. Over the last couple of years I have felt so unloved and un appreciated. We had also been to marriage counselling a couple of times about 2 months ago. Has anyone been through the same thing?? Did u work it out? Did the time apart do you good? Any advice would be appreciated.
By ForMyChildren
I was in a similar situation. I was with someone for 8 years. I left him as I was feeling lonely and unloved. We fought all the time and he was physically and emotionally controlling and abusive. My children saw alot of this and I knew then that I had to leave. It was initially as a break, to reassess and try and work things out. But when I left, my world turned around. The kids and I were happy, they laughed again for the first time in years.

We didnt work things out. Its been a few years now and things are still unsettled and quite violent at times. I out my kids first. They werent happy either. Leaving was the best thing I could have done.

What did the counsellor say to you both? Why did you stop going? I guess you know deep down what the right decision to make is :)
By SxcBabeOz
Hang in there - I'm reminded of an old saying:

Things are never as good as we hope, nor as bad as we fear.

In time (and it may take a long time) I think you'll find some peace.
By ashie

The counsellor we were going to wasn't very good and she helped for abit but didnt really get the issues out. Since leaving I have been seeing a different one and she is great. She has helped me personally so much and my H and I are actually going to see her together during the week.
I really am not over him and we have been getting along so well since we seperated. I really don't think I could cope if he met someone else. We'll see what happens, just taking each day at a time :)