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By movingon
Hi everyone,

Have any of the mums out there gone through a nightmare divorce and discovered or suspected their ex has Asperger Syndrome?. The conflict continues and its awful, we are what they class as high conflict and I think this is why we are unable to resolve it. My efforts at trying to raise my concerns about our situation fall on deaf ears mostly because very few professionals just are familiar with this, and then I end up being seen as the conflict, meanwhile he continues to create chaos with his nastiness aided by members of his family that is directly affecting the children and myself. Does anyone else have a similar story?. :cry:
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By Mello
I see this thread is almost three years old now, and hopefully you're through the worst of it and there has been some management of the situation that has helped you and your children. I suspect my ex-partner sits on the spectrum (autism/Aspergers Syndrome), certainly our four year old son has an early diagnoses of autisms and his paediatrician would like him properly assessed for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). His father, my ex, does not want a diagnoses for our son, nor does he want to face in himself the fact that he most likely is on the spectrum as well. I have great insight in to just how difficult it is to deal with a partner on the spectrum and the extreme conflict we have faced for the past 18 months or more. We've had couples counselling for a year and when push came to shove, I chose to leave my partner to protect our son and hopefully try to detach myself from the bullying, narcissism, lying, conflict and as you've mentioned, down right nastiness. Like you, his family are heavily involved in this and are enablers, just facilitating his childish and selfish behaviour and encouraged him to betray me. They have frequent 'pow-wows' to plan and develop new ways to try and bring me down, only perpetuating the conflict my ex and I have. I am wondering how you have gone riding that rollercoaster of conflict and how your children have handled it? I'm at my wits end now. Everyone just tells me to ignore it, but that's easier said than done. Did you find any support groups? Do you have any advice??