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By Mama22
Hi all,

I've been filling out my JET application form for while I undertake my Masters, but it looks like I don't get that assistance for Masters.

Does anyone know more about what, if any, assistance I may be eligible for?

I have 100% care of two children, 11 and 2, and all of my classes will be after hours and even on a Saturday. I will need a nanny.

I am pretty distressed by it, and am thinking I will have too defer my studies because there's no way I will be able to afford a nanny without any help. It's such a shame, because this would really help me to get into an income bracket where I would never need to rely on Centrelink, or Child Support again.

I had such a bad week. I received an infringement from the station that my daughters crooked lawyer father is heavily connected to where he works, a place I haven't been anywhere near, and it's just that constant reminder that half of the community want to hurt me and my children, and see us fail, but then, everyone that actually knows me, wants to see me succeed and believe in me. Sometime's I just feel like giving up, and saying to all of the bent people wanting to make my life a living hell that they win. That "I won't work, won't study, single mothers are worthless and do whatever you like to make him the great guy for abusing me and punishing me for not having an abortion. Our lives are worthless, he is great because he is a lawyer, and how dare I not act subserviently to his almighty position . . ." but that's the crazy talking. They will always be bent. The good people we respect in society and other families love us, so I just have to keep fighting to give my children the best future I can. I am not perfect, but I love and adore my children and take care of them, which is so much better than bent lawyers and co. in a sleazy world of dishonesty that want to harm someone by any means. I just have to focus on my babies and not let it get me down.

Looking at policies, sometimes I think that they want to keep single mothers uneducated, because it's easier to oppress and abuse us that way. Education is worth fighting for though, maybe I will need a second job?