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By shizle
Lol the last flat pack I had attempted was one of those industrial silver looking shelves.. failed horribly and got laughed at b/c I had the frame back to front or something. Since you seem to be good at it .. I have a flat pack bike otw for xmas for the little one... nevermind was just a thought...

Have decided that many op shops annoy me cause they dont deliver furniture and my car too small for things that arent flat packed, dont know how I coped at all before I actually learned to drive...ohh what I wouldnt give for a proper mattress that I could actually afford...

Tired .. yup I understand that one did the lawns today which were big b/c this stupid house keeps flooding during winter and the home thing, cooking and cleaning thing and the play with little one thing and teach her how to read thing.. by time 8pm came around I was supposed to study, and couldnt do more then put on youtube.. guessing I should ring the school and let them know... I really am getting to old for all this ....
I asked my teen boy to get the flat packed bike out of the car, he dutifully went ahead and assembled it for me! Yeah! I thought - til I realised he had put the front fork on back-to-front and that is why the brakes are all lopsided! Still, it is the thought that counts - apparently!
he won't want to correct this error - he has exams all this week - Sigh - something else I shall have to fix!
Ha ha no, don't send it here!
Bikes these days typically come as almost put together, with just a few bits to assemble - the front fork, wheels & handlebars - not too much you would think! but I still have to convince my son that it is better to let out most of the air in the tyres BEFORE trying to mount it inot the frame, so the brakes don't get pushed around and moved - He is yet to be convinced.
YouTube and the internet in general is a miracle for women because suddenly information is not possessed as if by a secret society passed on only to those deemed worthy. It's democratically available to ANYONE, and although my handy father never let me cut wood or mow the lawn (only my disinterested brother), I can look up and find out many many videos on how to bloody do it myself! I'm about to change my own spark plugs and air filter this week thanks to the net, wish me luck!

Confidence and the ability to synthesise information from a range of sources counts for so much. You CAN do it!