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By lilmama
I just noticed we're gonna have Stephen Page for Legal advice!
I read his blog all the time, its so interesting - he rocks!
If I were going through a Family Law Case and was going to have my pick of lawyers, he would absolutely be Number 1 on my list.
#3368 is very pleased to announce that Stephen Page of Harrington Family Lawyers ( has now joined the new Expert Panel here:

In addition to his stellar law career, Stephen is a renowned speaker on all things Family Law, a member of several law groups and councils, AND authors 3 very successful blogs:

Australian Divorce Blog -
Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog -
Australian Surrogacy and Adoption Blog -

A little more about Stephen from his Expert Panel Biography:

"Admitted in 1987, Stephen has been an accredited family law specialist since 1996. A co-founder of a domestic violence service, Stephen has been a member since 1999 of a committee for a court based domestic violence service and since 2008 a board member of a charity linking business with the domestic violence sector.
He is a member of several local, national and international family law organisations. Stephen has spoken at local, national and international conferences about family law topics."
You can read the complete Biography here: ... -page.html is absolutely delighted to have Stephen on the Expert Panel - with his extensive expertise, experience and knowledge of Australian Family Law, he is a fabulous asset for our single mums!
If you would like to view our new SingleMum Expert Panel member in action, this coming Monday Stephen Page will be in Sydney as a panellist for a program about surrogacy on Insight (SBS TV), being broadcast at 7.30pm Tuesday.