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My ex stole our wedding album and apparently burnt it. I've got a few framed photos that I'll keep for the kids (if they want them) and we had a lovely framed portrait which I took down from the wall the day after he left our home. My youngest then took the portrait to the top of the stairs and used it as a sled to fly down the's a wonder he didn't get any glass in his butt when he got to the bottom!! Little monkey lol
I kept the professional shots (I paid for them!) then the ex sent me the album I had put together in a misguided attempt to guilt me to going back to him (as if!) I have them all safely put away just in case our son wants to see them one day. I have been very lucky though, my mother died 18 months ago & as I cleaned out her house I found all the copies she had put away when my marriage imploded. I took great delight in ripping her copies into many little pieces, very cathartic and made me feel oh sooooo good!

I suppose what I'm saying is that if you are able to pack them away somewhere you don't have to deal with them, then do it. If you married this man, I'm imagining you loved him at the time. My wedding day was the happiest of my life. My son has witnessed so much aggression and violence since I left his father, I want him to one day know that his father & I did actually love each other as much as we both love him now, even though we are not together.
I agree Bubbles 68 - I have kept ours as well for my girls. I know that he has ripped and burnt anything of me. He did it in front of the chidlren. They are not even allowed to have a photo of me in his house. I even still have my wedding dress lol. I designed it and wore it for me not him on the day so not a lot of emotional connection to him, also its more like a ball goen than a wedding dress.

Anyway, back to topic, it is a very personal choice, and a hard one.
I never got married, so do not have this issue. However, I have kept every single love letter and card he ever sent to me. These serve now to prove his lies, above anything else. But I get the thing about for the kids.
However, from the other perspective - my mum saw fit to give me her wedding ring - geez! I cannot bear to put the thing on my finger, urghh!