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I have a box with all the stuff my ex returned to me wedding photos the bear he proposed to me with his rings and jewellery he gave back to me. it's all in a box away so that if the kids ever do wanna see it it's there.
Much as we don't talk now i did love him at one point and it is sometimes nice to remember that!
By CaroCruz
Mine are just sitting in an album mixed with a bunch of other miscellaneous pictures with a bunch of other crap. They're not hidden nor hung up. I'm just treating them like another thing in the house. My daughter's seen them before.. she doesn't really care
Ok, Ive still got photos from wedding and photos up of my ex. Yes, its for the children. Well, I dont hate him- there is nothing to gain wasting energy in that -but I cant be in that relationship for my own good and for that of my children. Pondered what to do with my wedding dress- felt like tearing it up - but no- will keep it for my daughter- she will one day want to wear it and the photos too. As hard as it is- I tell her that I did love daddy so she knows she is out of love. My other daughter- who is has disabilities - does not walk or talk - though she cant tell me- I know she was deeply affected when he left. She was sick for a week after.
Funny thing - the day I posted in here, my 12 yo daughter came and ask me for the wedding photos. She is planning hers (LOL) and wanted to see my dress. I told her I thought daddy was a spunk and loved the photos and had a great day. Now she wants my dress?? Its quite an honour. I said you might think differently when you actually get married. Its obviously going to be a grand affair since she's planning it now. I guess I had better start saving too!!