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Who is this Forum for?

The Forum is intended for use primarily by Australian single mums (including ex-single and repartnered mothers), and their supporters.
Single fathers (and their supporting partners) wishing to take part in a Single Parent Community Forum consisting of both genders may wish to visit the Australian Single Parent Forum located here:

The Single Mother Forum is a parent opinion forum only.

The Forum does not contain professional or legal advice. Where personal professional advice or legal advice is required, please seek the assistance of a competent professional or professional legal practitioner.

A condensed version of the Single Mother Rules and Administration information...

Section 121 of the Family Law Act 1975 makes it an offence to publish proceedings or identify people involved in family law proceedings - please ensure that your post does not breach this law.

Never use identifying factors in your posts such as real names, ages, places, etc., or put facts together in such a way that can identify you or any other individual.

Do not name and/or denigrate any individual, including any magistrate, court representative, lawyer, or other professional or person.

Any individuals believing that they have been identified in a forum post/s should contact Forum Administration immediately at:

Forum members must remain anonymous throughout all of their posts in the Single Mother Forum if they have posted anywhere in the Forum regarding Family Law or Family Court proceedings.

Forum members should be aware that any of their online posts, including in the Single Mother Forum, on Facebook or Twitter, etc., can be searched using search engines such as Google, and can possibly be used against them by others in a court of law.

Forum members must not harass other members or solicit business via posting or Private Messaging

Forum membership may be edited, banned or deleted by Forum Administration at their discretion at any time, with or without explanation.

Posts will not be deleted upon poster request
Post may be edited upon request by the poster if they breach forum rules by identifying individuals or situations, or at the discretion of the Forum Administration.

To request to edit your post, please email Forum Administration with:
The link to the post concerned (click on the post title first).
The text to be changed.
The replacement text of approximately the same word-count.

Do not post outside website links within posts in the Forum without prior permission from Forum Administration.

All posts must be original and unique to the Single Mother Forum. Posts may only be reproduced elsewhere with written Forum Administration permission.

Do not post the same post more than once anywhere in the Forum

Posts may be removed or edited by Forum Administration at their discretion at any time, with or without explanation.

Posts may be reposted in full or link form by Forum Administration on outside networks and websites, including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

All member posts become the property of the Single Mother Forum

Full Single Mother Forum Terms and Privacy Policy

For our full Terms and Privacy Policy, please read the following two documents carefully:

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Any breach of the above rules may result in members being warned, deleted and/or banned without warning


Please do not post advertising directly in the Forum or Private Message members to solicit business.
Please do not post as a business, or include business information or links in your signature.
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Media and all other professional organisations

Please contact Forum Administration (below) prior to posting in the Forum.
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Complaints and/or any other concerns

Please Email or Private Message Forum Administration at

As the Single Mother Forum is constantly busy, not all Forum posts and/or Topics can be monitored. Problems can sometimes be missed by Forum Administration. The forum is primarily user-run, therefore:

If Forum users have concerns regarding any posts in the Forum, they should "Report" individual posts by clicking on the small exclamation mark (!) located near the post title and entering the reason, or Private Message or email the Forum Administrators at with the post link.

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We are always seeking single mum volunteers to be forum moderators ("Mods") to help screen new Forum posts where possible. Applicants will need to have been an active Forum member and be (privately) Facebook and/or otherwise personally identified for security reasons. Please contact us at if you are interested in becoming a Forum Moderator

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