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I am so desperate and very lonely, I am seriously seeking for an adoptive parents for my newborn daughter . I want her to be adopted into a lovely and caring home . I don't want any financial compensation, all I want is a good home for the child and nothing more. My name is Cassidy and if you are looking to adopt , please contact me directly:
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I know what I am doing and I know its the best for this child.
Are you sure you don’t have Postnatal Depression? I did and I was convinced my son would be better off without me. I would take him in to my Gp constantly asking her to help me find him a better home. She got me help instead. It was a long road to recovery and it took a lot of work. But I am so happy to be a mother now and I know I am a good one. My son is now 4 and we adore each other.
Try calling PANDA on 1300726306 and talking to your doctor. There is help available.
Join a local mums group. You don’t have to go through all of this alone.
Hi Honey,
I’m sorry you are feeling so alone at this time. Christmas can be a heartbreaking time for lots of people. Please don’t make an emotional decision while the Christmas madness is still happening.
Considering adoption is a huge decision, one that will affect your life forever, whether it is a positive or negative decision.
Please seek lots of professional advice, from different people to get different viewpoints. Is their any family/extended family that you could approach for help or temporary foster care?
There are so many people who would love to adopt your princess. So many couples are unable to conceive and to them, a baby is a cherished blessing. And there are families who just love kids and would welcome another child with open arms. There are single females who may have left it to late and would love a child.
I would gladly open up my home to welcome another child.
Please think carefully about your future if you were to adopt out. Would the decision make your future better or would you regret it? Can you imagine missing milestones? If you did adopt, maybe you could still visit and become an ‘aunty’?
Good luck, sending lots of love!