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By Sara101
Over the past few years I have noticed my partner's behaviour towards me and our son getting more bully like.
To put down some of the things he has said to both me and our son:
Hope you die in a plane crash( before boarding a plane to see family in Sydney)
Wish you were never born ( said to son who is 8 years old)
You can't do nothing right and you are such a mistake
He says that I make him mad and he would not say these things if I just do what I am told to do.
I have tried to leave this relationship but was unable to find any accommodation in Sydney and now am in financial difficulties due to having no support in Brisbane.
All I want to do is protect my son but don't know where to begin, any helpful suggestions??
By Kassandra Keramopoulos
I would be contacting a woman's refuge who can arrange emergency accommodation for you and then help you find long term affordable accommodation - they may try and force you to get an intervention order out on your partner and limit his contact with him but you need to start thinking of custody and visitation etc . . if you can I would strongly swuggest you go to your local community legal centre and speak to the free lawyers there to see what you can do as a starrt ( financially as well ) and take it from there
By Kassandra Keramopoulos
hi . . I would try your local Community Legal Center first and talk to a lawyer to work out your financial and custody arrangement obligations etc . . and also try a free financial counsellor to help you work out what you can and can't afford for accommodation . . then potentially consider going into a woman's crisis accommodation refuge ( worst case scenario ) however they may encourage you to seek an intevention order on your partner which could make things a lot worse so you need to be mentally strong and prepared for this but they can also help find your suitable accommodation ie for public housing etc or transitional housing etc . . those are just SOME suggesstions to potentially try good luck with it all