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We are a busy Bentleigh family with four children under 7yrs. We are seeking a single mother to share our house in her own 'wing'. We would like to have an arrangement whereby each Mum would take care of the other Mum's child(ren) at times, in order to fit in work/study/having a life/spending quality time with their children-type commitments.

Financially, it would come down to receiving payment for your own domestic work (something women's lib has been lobbying for years!) This is a fantastic reward because it means less out-in-the-world work (possibly without compromising on dollars), less childcare and fewer 'living' financial commitments to name the main ones I can think of right now.

Lifestyle-wise, it will also mean more time with your own child(ren), being able to make your child smile because you can do canteen at school, more socialisation/education opportunities for your own child(ren) and less worry about your child(ren) when left with someone you are not sure is trustworthy. We would love to have someone whose role was kind of like an Aunt with a cousin-like son(s)/daughter(s), sharing family activities/outings/meals and maybe bringing something to offer to teach our family like songs, games, music, art etc. My husband is an architect who is also really handy with a hammer and doesn't watch football out of preference for a life (making an excellent mentor for a boy). I am finishing a uni degree but have to return to work next year. In secret I am an aspiring writer. I also play some piano and speak some French. We also have a farm we are developing Wilson Prom way and would like our kids (esp the three girls) to become involved in horses, so country exposure is another opportunity for your child(ren).

Modern society makes it too hard to raise children in an enriching way, and often costs the parents any dreams they had of their own when they were children. We challenge this notion and stress to you, that privacy and respect for all involved in this arrangement are of special importance. We also think that First Aid, Police Check and possibly WWC card by all the grown-ups is a good idea.

Our house will be ready to receive your family in terms of accommodation by January, since we are doing a fit-out for this purpose late November/December this year.

Is there anyone else out there with a similar vision?