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By mummie
Thanks Mummy. I'm so sorry to hear of your struggle. It's sad that it affects the kids the most. My ex gave me so much hell during the divorce that the kids were really affected, i couldn't protect them cos as soon as they went to his place he'd tell them all sort of shit and there was nothing i could do but wait for them to get older and understand bit better, as a result hes lost his daughter who was his no.1 girl and 100% loyal to just him, now she won't go near him. Hopefully your ex won't play mind games with your daughter.
I have wondered if after my baby is born if he'll think he can just come and go as he pleases and not spend a cent. I won't let him do that and have told him that, but who knows what will happen.
I wish i knew what the right thing to do is, i want him to be part of his sons life but i don't want crap between us...

At least i'm not feeling as low today.