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By ruthie
these are all such good suggestions...thankyou. I'll pass them on and I think some photographing may be taking place already. My goodness, it's incredible this whole silliness!
By Mum22
Ah, the memories...
ds sometimes was returned to me wearing nothing more than his little brothers singlet and PJ pants, I am talking about a 4 yr old, sent home in a size 2 bonds singlet and old pj 5pm...glad I can laugh about it now! Still got the photos to prove it, just in case anyone wants to know...really, these people...I had to make sure I always kept a spare outfit in my car, so that when I had to collect ds, I could discreetly redress him in the car if we had to go anywhere, else we would have to go straight home for ds to change.
By emsmum
After years of BS games and damaged clothing, I ended up saying they would no longer be supplied. When we went to court he requested I supply clothing again for visitation I said NO, and they could not make me send them. I simply said the clothing was being returned wreaked and I could not afford to repurchase them, plus now that CSA gives them an allocated amount per access visit I figure if he will ever complain I'll claim that they have appropriate reimbursement through child support reductions. For the pick up I'd advise sending stained clothing that doesn't concern you when he returns then wreaked, I've found the less I react the less games he plays, just keep sending the same stuff back each time explaining they are play clothes to your child. A bonus for me Is I don't have to pack bag with multiple outfits of matching stuff, so easy and no dramas following now but I do send fav toys oh which my child packs to come home.