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By Bec'n'bub
I am a new mum living in the middle of no-where with no car and no friends. I like my life of solitude but since having a baby, I have so much to talk about! I'm hoping there is a someone out there with a sense of humor that would like to chat with me on a regular basis. Hope to hear from you soon....
By Mummy Moderator
HI Bec'nbub,

I'm sorry to hear of your isolation - I guess that there is no public transport nearby? You get some free rail trip ticket vouchers from Centrelink each year that could shout you some time away, at least. There may be a community bus in your area - contact your local council to see what your local outreach or transportation options could be - and remember you get pensioner concession too, if you're on the single parent pension.
It's good you have the internet - that can be great company in itself, especially forums like ours! Is there any chance of a Playgroup nearby? They can be brilliant for new mums - it doesn't matter how old bub is, there is always mums there ready to chat about that stuff only mums can obsess over - poop, vomit, milestones and tantrums! Keep your eye out for other mums walking the streets with prams, and if you see one, don't hesitate to catch up and get chatting - they are often just as isolated and wanting to discuss their bub as you are!
I hope that some other mums may come up with some more ideas for you...
By brenda
Hi Bec'n'bub,

I'm sure many of us would love to hear your stories about your 'bub'. It is such an exciting time as they are growing and developing so fast. Some here are going through the same things. For others of us, baby stories are distant but very happy memories. I hope the board can ease your solitude at those times when ..... you just need to tell someone!!!

Take care,
By tasmin87
Hi Bec'n'bub :)
I'm new to this site, but not new to being a single parent. My daughter is nearly 4, and I have been on my own for about 2 1/2 years.
I would definitely be up for a chat. I don't know many other single parents, and I think it would be great to chat to one.
I live in a small town. I wouldn't say it was in the middle of no where, however it can feel isolating at times.
Take care