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By RagnVald
Homicide statistics in Australia show that adult males are four times more likely to be killed by their `Best mates' than by a female partner. So much for the concept of `Mateship' huh!.
By RagnVald
Its interesting that the three major arguments advanced by the Father's Rights groups opposing the Family Law amendments were:
1. "More of us will be found to have beaten up our female partners". So, isn't thsat what the legislation is hoping to achieve.?!.
2. "More of us will kill ourselves". Nope - there is not a single recorded male death of any Australian Coroner's Court that gave loss of contact with their children as the reason for suicide - Loss of Employment/Unemployment is by far the greatest single factor in research into male suicides.
3. "More of us will kill our children". - That is a horrendous threat and acknowledges the revenge killings by fathers of their children (which of course they've consistently denied). It is to be hoped that violent fathers with the potential for further violence will be referred for psychiatric assessment for psychopathic disorders and placed on State Violent Offender's Registers. Such males are not suitable for mere `Anger Management Courses' when they are psychopaths.