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By Mum_to_2boys
Hi Everyone,

Would just like your opinions - if a 31 year old man is having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl is he a pedophile? Does it make any difference that she is consenting? Do you think the police should be involved?

Would like to know what you think...

By Mum22
I believe that the age of consent is 16, therefore it is not.
However, depending on the maturity of both/either person, it could be considered quite "off".
Does it make a dif. if she is consenting - yes of course, else it would be rape.
Police - for what? a bad choice? Only if it were, eg, Dr patient, teacher Student type breach of trust.
That is the reality of our world.

That said, if it were MY 17 year old daughter, and some sleezy leacherous 31 year old geezer - yes, I'd be put out!
By Mum_to_2boys
Thanks for your reply Mum22, I think the whole thing is "off" but unfortunately I am not in a position to do anything but make suggestions...
By RagnVald
Under the age of 16 years, a child or young person is deemed in law not to be capable of giving consent to sexual intercourse. However a 17 year old still comes within the protective provisions of State Child Protection laws. You could check out the Child Protection laws in your State and see what the requirements are for applying for a Child Protection Order, it may be only the police or State authroties who can apply or it may be that a parent can apply for such an Order.
By Mum22
RagnVald, that is interesting, and helpful, thank you for posting.