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By Poppit
Is your friend being given any reason for him not wanting to introduce her to his family/friends that implies she is inadequate or 'faulty' in some way? My ex did introduce me initially to friends/family but later after the physical, verbal, emotional abuse was well under way he would tell me he couldn't take me anywhere as I was just an embarrassment to him and everyone would tell him I was an embarrassment too.

Like the other ladies said there are many factors.
By ruthie
I think he may have initially implied or said that he'd never had a girlfriend before and she thought he was inexperienced. He may have also said something about it being too soon? But after several months that reason is evaporating. It may be nothing, and one of girls observed recently that her family has quite a sensitive 't*ssp*t meter: :) And we do. Hmmm. I hope all goes well for them, the young woman involved is just lovely and is dear to us all. She deserves to ... well, not be with a t&sser I guess :)
By Poppit
My own perception of violence is a little askew these days too ruthie, while my definition is quite broad my tolerance of anything fitting into that definition isn't :)