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By childrenshope
Thanks for all your advice
Yesterday ended up being one of those days.
Ex just got out of paying child support again (has own bussiness which he is running at a loss, but living way beyond his means) as he cant afford it, but was able to buy a new second hand Mercedes.
Son came home with again another medical problem, after only being at Dads for three nights, this happens every weekend with him. It was that bad again the school rang me to collect him early.
Our family Dr is scared of him. The school teachers will not talk to him by themselves, yet no one will stand up for child. Why because the law will not back women in violence, they say they will and do, but they dont.
This man is just out to hurt as much as possible.
Collects son from school, wont return items (of childs for school) and is continually costing me money to send child to him!. and he laughs.
It is all about control to him and he dose not care who he is hurting, which is his child. Because it effects me he is satisfied regardless of what it is doing to child.
By gypsyblu
:cry: and mine

I hate people like this. It becomes all about them, and they forget that as a parent you are responsible for CARING for a little person.