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By 4Sons
Unfortunately I too have lodged a concern with DCP regarding my son's welfare while in his father's care and been told that it is not a 'high priority'. This is despite several neighbours also raising concerns with the dept regarding the filthy state of the house my son is living in and the excessive amounts of beer cans lying around everywhere.
I have also been through the family court system and the magistrate decided that my son can stay with his father. She did concede that he had a drinking problem and should refrain from drinking over 0.05 levels while my son is with him ... and this he is supposed to self manage!
So now my ex is unemployed, living in squallor, drinking to his hearts content and my son is raising himself. My advice to any mother that thinks they are doing the right things by letting their child try living with their father - be very, very cautious. You may never be able to get them back.
So many sad stories and so many children being left to whatever the fates decide for them despite everything we try to do. Child safety is obviously is desperate need of more funding, more workers and an overhaul. How sad for our children.

Just to follow up, the local minister was all "too bad so sad, Since you've contacted him already, I'll ring the safety minister and tell him to look at the matter but that's all I can do" and I was blatantly told that the situation was too "personal" for him to be involved in. Seems he likes the easy jobs of handing out new state flags to local primary schools and having his photo taken with the local charity group rather than helping a constituent who was in dire need with a real problem. And the Safety Minister? After I had to chase his department, I was told he'd be debriefed about the situation and would call me back pronto the very next week and then...nothing. Awesome. I know who I won't be voting for next election. Lucky for me (and my child) the situation seems to be on the path to being resolved through nothing less than my own sheer determination.
Hey there final eternity - the link doesn't work.. I also noticed it was a NSW gov page - which doesn't apply to me as I'm in a different state. Also, just a further update, I received a letter from the child safety minister stating that since the department's policy was that if the child had at least one person who was capapble of looking out for them available (as in, the other parent), they wouldn't do anything. I'm really not sure how this is supposed to apply to situations like ours where our child is away from us and we are not there at all to look out for them! The Dept. and minister seem to be blatantly ignoring this fact.