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Hey there peeps,

Does anyone know which member of parliament is in charge of Child Safety Services and the Department of Communities? Had to report my child's father yesterday for an ongoing neglectful situation...C.S.S said it was enough to write up a concern report but not enough to act on and that something else had to happen eg. child being unwashed or clothes dirty for an extended period of time before they'll act. That won't happen as I take care of that part of things! I questioned how dirty clothes could be enough to act on but my child's situation (which could very easily become life threatening) isn't and was told that unfortunately that was the way it was...that my one complaint didn't reach the "threshold".

So I need to contact the MP in charge...and does anyone think it's also worth contacting my local MP? He was quite sympathetic to the cause when I contacted him about the Amendments....I guess it can't hurt right?
By Pamela
I currently have probably 20 disclosures from myself and professionals lodged with CSS in relation to my child. I do know that they are overworked and have so little staff that unless a child is hospitalised they cannot launch a full investigation. Unfortunately they have so many 'cure' cases, that those of us with 'prevention' cases fall lower in their priority list. Do not lose hope though - if you need to go court, they are very happy to be involved.

I have not contacted any MP's about it, but have been considering it. Good luck!