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Children & Young People should not be barred from giving evidence directly to Family Courts when decisions are being made regarding the future care and welfare. Why are judges, lawyers, ICLs, Court Reporters so frightened of what they have to say?. Children & Young People are being denied a basic human right of Freedom of Speech and to have a say in their future lives. When they disclose or complain that they are being abused, they are ignored. It is easier for lawyers, and `Experts' to speculate and make conjectures that they have been `coached' and it is all part of a sinister plot to `alienate' them from a parent (How stupidly naive - children are far more truthful and honest than many adults).
When they refuse to go to contact or refuse to return to the resident parent after contact, some children have been forcefully dragged back by police officers. ... l-cliches/
The Voices of Children & Young People must be heard in Family Courts - it is their right as human beings.
i totally agree. my 3 children have expressed absolute fear of their father to the fc and a supervised facility and they still want the visits to go ahead. these kids are petrified, showing physical symptoms. they are old enough for their voice to be heard-but no one wants to listen.
not happy something has to be done.
No it is not right.
And the courts dont want to listen and these children are going to cost the gov later when they are older and have issues.
I dont understand what is going on with the system at all and dont know what to do about it anymore as money has run out and can not afford to get further in debt.
I really hope Karma exsists.
Dont these men realise that the way they treat these children that when they are old enough to make a choice they wont want anything to do with them.
My son keeps handing his father a cig wanting him to get cancer a die, because it is his only way to be pro active in a system that wont listen. How tragic is it when a young boy is so scared he wants his dad to die.