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By funfloss
I was going to ask on my Facebook fan page if anyone has lost a loved one due to domestic violence since 2006, I'm not sure though. I'm sure it'd be poor form, but I think it would make for a really intense submission.

What do you all think, should I ask? There are over 18,000 fans on the page, alot from Australia.
By linda
■1996 - January 25: Peter May shot and killed his three children, Lisa eleven, Andrew eight, and Natalie seven during a contact visit. On the same day, he also killed his wife and her parents. May's history of domestic violence was commonly known and reported,
■1998 - October 23: After Ronald Jonkers lost custody of Aaron DeBaugy 5, Ashlee seventeen months and David seven, he poisoned them by carbon monoxide in their car on a contact visit in Perth,
■1999 - August: WA four young children were gassed along with their father Mark Heath after a family court dispute,
■2000 - Rhonda Bartley was shot dead by her ex-partner in Berri while attending a court ordered contact handover of their baby daughter,
■2001 - September: Mikaylah Green eleven weeks, Taylah Pringle eleven months and Jackson Merrott six, were smothered by their father on a contact visit in Sydney,
■2002 - Ana Hardwick 35 is strangled by her former partner after the family court granted her custody of their eleven and eight year old children,
■2002 - Kieren and Jordyn Rigg, 7 and 9, were killed in a murder suicide after the family court awarded contact to be supervised by the father's partner
■2004 - April 26: Jessie Dalton nineteen months and Patrick Dalton thirteen weeks were smothered by their separated father Jayson Dalton after a family court order to him to return the infants to their mother Dionne,
■2005 - 4th September: Robert Farquharson killed his sons Jai ten, Tyler seven, and Bailey two, by driving them into a dam in Winchelsea, south-west of Melbourne on Fathers' Day contact visit,
■2008 - May 9: The body of three year old Imran Zilic, was found after his father allegedly threw him down a mine on an access visit,
■2008 - January 3: Christopher McEwen allegedly raped and then killed his daughter Rhiannon McEwen on Bribie Island on New Years Eve. The matter of the children's residency was before the Family Court in 2004 where the father was given residency of all three children. It is not known to this writer if it was by consent. However, this father was cleared by a psychiatrist to leave a Brisbane hospital's mental health unit just nine days before he allegedly raped and murdered his ten-year-old daughter. Queensland Health did not report the man - who had spent two weeks as an involuntary patient in the hospital's mental health unit - to the Department of Child Safety. Given this man's mental condition, the question is how in 2004 was it that he obtained sole custody of his four children aged between six and ten?
2009 - Darcy Freeman, 4, thrown over the Westgate Bridge by her father Arthur Freeman whilst on her way to her first day at at school where her mother and grandmother were waiting.
By linda
No, it's from the NCCPS website - I remember seeing it - it's the kind of thing you don't forget, so I went back and found it. I just added Darcy on there as that happened after, and I seem to remember another little girl getting stabbed in the last 6 months by her father who stole her that is also not on there - possibly more?
I'm quite sure that the NCCPS would love for it to be used to help protect any children.