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Request received from one of our professional supporters
SBS Insights program may look at doing a story children/family in the family law courts, please feel free to click here and suggest the topic, the more popular it is the more likely they will consider it -
Would insight be interested in doing something on Child protection departments? The bullying? The threats? The taking of children without cause? Fabrication of "evidence"? Happy new o be a part of it. The department is oozing with corruption from the top down and it has got to stop. Like a lawyer said to me last week, "they are a law unto themselves, best of luck"
Why is it tolerated that they operate by their own set of rules, outside of the law? These are our children? They are creating chaos and devastation where once there was none!
Alec Om is a good place to start your research. I am currently in the fight of my life to survive DCP. I thought escaping a violent partner was bad, but what has followed with these brainless entities, is the real violence to escape. Why are victims punished over and again? All that propaganda you see on ending family violence is utter b*llsh*t. It all corrupt. Worst thing I ever did was leave.
I would rather deal with him than what I am currently facing and my poor babies...haven't they been through enough?
I agree about not leaving. I signed up to an endless nightmare when I asked my violent ex to leave. I have been punished in every way, shape and form. I feel so alone. I take medication to sleep, to get up and to eat. I work night and day to pay him money. He has the family home. I have no security, my anxiety my only friend. Three years of family court hell, endless bills and no end in sight. Judgement at every turn and the twisting of the reality of what has occurred. The Court completely disinterested in the documented family violence. No biblical hell could compare to my daily existence...and my children are forgotten. The recommendations in relation to the children astound every one who is actually in their lives. Stay is my advice, because Australia is doing nothing about is all just propaganda. You will be totally on your own.