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By abitjaded
Hi Ladies,
I've received my 2nd bill since moving into our unit, so the 1st one was only small as we weren't here the full 91 day cycle that was from early March and was $194.
Obviously this new bill covers the last cold/mild 91 days and was $445 (I nearly fell over :? ) as I'm so frantic about turning everything off at the power point when not being used and have only had at night the fridge on and some nights in the toddlers room the oil heater that works on a thermostat and vaporiser when needed.
According to the kWh used 1561 that's equal to between 2-4 people?
Ive checked my previous bills for same time last year - 2 adults and a newborn at our former family home and it was roughly the same and but we had central heating 24/7 and weren't overly frantic in always turning everything.
Now we have a small fridge that remains on 24/7 and have a small hot water system thats only big enough for 1 person to shower, we dont use any heaters during the day rug up its easier and its mild here some days are cold but can be 23.c but occasionally windy at night with a bit of a chill.
Do you think $445 is a reasonable bill??
By mumof3b
That's a lot of money. I can tell you that when I've changed from electricity water heating to gas water heating my electricity bill plummeted. I was quite shocked by how much. If you're all electricity for cooking, oven, stove top and water then that's going to add to your electricity bill from my experience.

If you have any concession cards make sure your supplier has the details to claim them on your behalf.

I don't know what state you're in, but assuming you're in NSW then you can claim. a $125 rebate from the NSW government after lodging your tax. Details below;

http://www.energy.nsw.gov.au/customers/ ... rgy-rebate

If you're not in NSW try to find out what rebates your state government may offer.

I know you may be on a fixed plan, but it pays to shop around and compare, a couple of hours research on the internet found me a deal where I'm saving over $400 a year on a year long contract (I'm suspicious of 2 and 3 year because then they can screw you over and you're stuck).

I've found it pays a lot to shop around - $400 for a couple of hours of work, I'll take that any day of the week.