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By Maclaren
Hi There,

I just cancelled my parenting payment single as i have just picked up some freelance work which will cover all my costs and is more than an efficient amount of funds to live comfortably without any benefits. I just wanted to know how to go about cancelling my ftb a and b? I dont need to claim child care also as my parents are retired and are able to look after my two children which will be more cost effective.

I prefer not to rely on benefits if i dont need to.

Thanks in advance!
By Mum22
You can just call Centrelink, or go to a Customer Service office and advise them you'd like to cancel your payments. Simple.
You should know, that FTB A & B are entitlements to ALL families, not just single parents, anyone with legal care of a child can claim these payments.
By Chantal Long
You can log into your myGov account and change payment preferences to after you lodge your tax return the next year.
I have done this for next year as I'm working good hours and don't want to risk over payment
By Maclaren
Last year they found a compliance issue regarding an over payment 6 years ago which turned out to be nothing. I was employed through an employment agent and my tax return had the actual company i woked for and the tax man had my return as the employment agent so it didnt match in which i had to send an email to the employment agent to get a written letter confirming my refund. I also dont want no overpayments. A family member had a debt with them as well and paid it. Turned out to be an incorrect debt.