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Good on you! We are constantly restricted with so many things and have to answer to govt departments, ex*s, judgemental people etc just for loving our kids and trying to give them the best we can! I tried to move interstate for a job opportunity for 6 months but the ex wouldn't let me take the kids! So I didn't... Just go and enjoy
Thanks Daphne and Mama22 for your supportive replies. It certainly is an 'out of the box' idea with potential for amazing experiences for us. I am at the stage of working out what's exactly viable. So much to think about, but we will find a way! I will definitely be speaking with Centrelink soon as their website doesn't seem to cover the info I need. I would definitely like to keep you posted on how this works out!
Hi cassjm! I hope you can find my reply as I'm not too experienced on forums either. So excited and happy for you mate- your comments at the end of your post gave me goose bumps, your daughter is lucky to have a Mum that won't quit. Yes to second chances!
I am not much further down the road than you in planning- I too am in the stage of "Wow, we could actually do this!"-very exciting!!
Apart from the lagalities of travelling on a pension,the issue of legally schooling the kids is a big one. We have been registered home schoolers for 3 years and I'm pretty sure our assessor would approve an extended trip around Oz- to a point! Months say,not years. Because home schooling requirements vary so much from state to state it is very tricky to legally home school on the road indefinitely. From what I can tell families doing this prefer to use Distance Education as a straight forward legal alternative. It is quite different to home schooling though,and well worth researching. I am still thinking on all this myself...I have also read of kids being put into remote schools for a few months when their parents were doing seasonal work. That sounds great to me too.
What to travel in is another big consideration- what will work for us within a tight budget? If you haven't looked into this yet prepared to be confounded with choice and variety! Gumtree of course is a great place to browse. At this stage I am looking at a pop top campervan. The towing capacity of your car needs to be considered for this,and also whether you are experienced in towing...I am not. Lots of learning with every new question on how to do this.
Great idea on the postal address, I had thought to have a friend to collect and send on mail,making sure all that can be done online is done online. (Using free wi fi in towns,camp sites etc). We would still need an actual residential address as well though...still thinking on it...
Cassjm,all the best to you. You're right, we need to find an online community of people doing the same. Check out Travelling Australia With Kids (TAWK),some great info and families stories,though none that I read were single parent families. Good luck in your planning! I would love to hear from you again :)
I would suggest talking to Aust Post about their P.O box service or mail holding services ..... talk to postal manager not just person at desk ...decide which is more important that they have a point of contact address ( Bills for utilities etc ) - a P.O. Box can be a Contact point and all and any mail can be forwarded and follow you were you may go . . if you end up staying in a caravan park per day . . talk to the manager about mail collection services . . decide for how long you are going to be in any one part of Australia for a Longer term POINT fo mailing issues . . I know that Centrelink now do most of their letters ONLINE now and just SMS you when there is a letter for you to either log on with your smart phone to read or go to a internet cafe to read . . ou can also ask your BILL providers tpo send you the bills via email as well as an option so maybe paper mail will be quite less unless during Christmas and or Easter or Birthdays you receive gifts and cards etc . . I think this would be the way to go in exploring these options ( Aust post can HOLD your mail for you for you to collect at a time suitable to you ( for I think no more than 14 days before they have to return to sender ) but just explore all your options if Aust Post agrees to hold your mail ( if you don't have or can't be given a P O Box on a Month by Month basis ) you'd just give your address as Care of " name of surburb / town " Australia post XYZ Address XYZ State Australia 0000 . . . Hope this helps and best wishes in your travels with your boys !@ such a fantastic opportunity you are giving them !!!