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Hi ladies.
I'm new here.
I'm just about to have my first baby. I've been on DSP for about five years but currently being taken off it after my last DSP review.
I've also been working for one year as a subcontractor from home, doing typing and internet work.
First question: Centrelink told me to report my earnings only YEARLY. I've heard that subcontractors should report quarterly. I earnt about 15k last financial year but this financial year I'm unlikely to earn nearly that much with the baby coming and I'm worried Centrelink will be underpaying me because they have put me on a constant pension based on the 15k I earned last financial year. If I won't be earning that much this year so does that mean that next financial year which will probably show a lot less earnings, they would up my pension again? And if they did and I worked more as I expect to as baby grows older, would I then incur a debt?
Can I ask Centrelink if I can voluntarily report my earnings quarterly so that whole years don't go by and huge debts/deficits don't build up?
I'm also concerned about the fact that since I'll no longer be on DSP, they'll transfer me to Newstart, until the baby comes - but the baby is due in 10 bloody weeks! Surely as a subcontractor who's hours of work vary so much week to week and being this far pregnant and the fact that I'd soon be starting Single Parenting Payment, they would not expect me to do all the job search crap that comes with Newstart for just four bloody fortnights??
Would seem like a huge waste of time especially as I do work already and I woudn't be able to get other work anyway as who would hire a heavily pregnant woman?
I'm not sure how subcontracting works with Newstart. Would they waive those requirements since I'm only a few fortnights away from giving birth and changing over to SPP?

Lastly, I am under the assumption that principal carers or single parents full time do not have the mutual obligation requirements until the child is school age? 6? 8? And after that age the compulsory work is 30 hours per fortnight? Just want to be sure I have that correct.
My plan is to work as much as I am able to once the baby is in a routine, pick up more work maybe in a couple of months time, and to pick up more work as time goes on and bubs gets older. I just don't want to find myself stuck in their stupid job seeker programs and so hoping to have enough work so that I don't end up there.