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By maldives
Thank you again for that information. I am doing better and better every day.
I am seeing a Legal Aid lawyer on Tuesday. My ex says he wants me to have the house, for our daughter's sake because she'll be with me 100% of the time (with him visiting every day). We both paid it off together when I was still working.
So I'll be asking the lawyer if it's likely that the court will agree to the Consent Orders of the house being transferred to me completely, because they have to decide if that's "fair and equitable". It's in our child's best interest, so I hope they see that.

Thank you again Mum22 for your advice. I really appreciate your support.
By Mum22
So does that mean you inherit the whole mortgage deb as well? can you afford this?
Good on him though I can't see why Court would not accept this - it is great for your child to not have to move homes. And on the future if you want to sell up and create a new home for your new-styled family, you can without any hassles from him.
Courts usually want people to sort things out themselves, to save the courts having to make decisions for them - most people are more likely to go along with something that they have sorted rather than to be TOLD what to do by a stranger.

I mean, it is still sh!tty that your ex has left, but if he is trying to make things as easy as possible for your child, then you will benefit in this also, for the sake of your daughter.
By maldives
We paid off the mortgage before our daughter was born, thankfully.
Yes I am thankful that he is trying to think of her needs in this regard, at least.
Thanks again for all your help. :)