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By maldives
Hi all,

I'm on Parenting Payment - Single. My daughter will turn 6 in October 2015.
I'm trying to find detailed information about the part-time participation requirements which I will be required to do, but the Centrelink website information is very vague.
Is there anyone who would mind sharing what your options were in regards to your part-time participation requirements?

Many thanks,
By Mum22
Have you seen this: ... 1211en.pdf

From the Centrelink website, explains the principal carer part-time obligations. Basically, you seek/get work of at least 15 hours a week, or study or volunteer.

Many parents will go do a University Prep course to fulfill this requirement, and this may spur you on to an undergraduate bachelor degree...

Probably best to make an appointment at your local Centrelink branch / or by phone and talk to someone (though, you'll get a different reply from each person you talk to!).

Congrats on being parent for 6 years!!!
By maldives
Oh, thank you so much Mum22.
That has answered my questions! I feel very relieved - I thought I had to find work of 15 hours a week or else my payments would be cut.
I've only been a single mum for 7 weeks, so am still figuring things out.
I appreciate your help immensely.
By maldives
I forgot to say I've got a TAFE diploma which I completed years ago, so I hope that will help me gain entry to perhaps some other TAFE courses and possibly university?
I was a taxpayer for 12 years before I had my daughter, and then resigned from my very stable government job when she was 1 year old..
Am bitterly regretting that now! Unfortunately I trusted my ex who left us for another woman 7 weeks ago.
By Mum22
Maldives, very sorry to hear that.
I believe there may be a DV exemption clause - so if you can demonstrate psychological damage (!) you should get a 13 week reprieve...

Early days though.

many Uni Degrees now have Diploma embedded first years, eg: IF you had, say, a teaching or nursing Diploma, you may be able to go straight into 2nd year Bachelor degree.
Also, the Uni Prep courses do not cost you,, the Govt' pays for them, so that is one way of being busy and improving skills for future employability, without the added cost at this time.

Please do take care of yourself at this delicate time. It is never easy, the demise / aftermath of a significant relationship.

I wish you well, and hope for your sake and that of your daughter, that things go relatively smoothly as far as the division of assets & time spent etc.

There is lots of good advice on this forum, and feel free to ask anything, or post your stories. Welcome aboard!