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By abitjaded
Thank you mums for your replies:)
Im now into my 1st week of TAFE and having serious doubts after only dropping 6yr old at before and after school care and have already got a invoice on the 1st day for $157 no idea how they work it out?? Im dropping him off around 30-45 minutes before school and about 30 minutes after the bell rings. I really need to ring the manager and question how they bill??
Not one for confrontations, get a bit nervous/lack confidence at times.
I honestly can not afford to study even with a exemption due to paying $200 more a fortnight in rent since moving to Sydney for medical and then driving 'everywhere' - petrol$$ and now childcare all from my centrelink payment.
Having a slight freakout atm.
If I go back to work is trying to find a part time job in school hours or fulltime and then paying before and after school care.
I heard stories about families who end up literally going to work to pay for childcare.
Not sure if this is true or not.
I have no respite/no co parenting going on here and will need to go back to court to to change orders to no contact as its been a few years now and have not see the so and so.
I have no idea how centrelink think that single mums/parents are suppose to look after their children and go to work and then pay child care fees etc.
Not happy about this new thing they require of us to prove our relationship status.
I now have to go through this crap of being scrutinized by some rude cow at centrelink.
I am happy to be alone well maybe to a point when I need back up and have a long day of repeating myself and providing 6 yr old with what feels like a all day buffet.
I do not need my life to be defined by having a man or a relationship.
I was hurt by my ex's actions to leave and abandoned his family for reference I did ask him to leave and then a guy I dated a after the divorce for a short period who thought it was ok to date 2 single mothers at the same...I had no idea until it ended - yuck.
And now the new school is asking me for a written letter to confirm 6yr old is known as my maiden because DBD refuses to sign documents to change name then though its in the orders.
So now we have moved I need to go through this again of explaining Im divorced, we have final orders, we have no contact even though he is suppose to visit and my child does not identify with their fathers surname though being their birth name.
Theres never enough hours in the day and need a doppelganger lol
Anyway a nice mum from school has offered to take 6 yr old to school, hopefully I will find a job once I get my resume updated.
Anyone know of a place or agency that do good resumes in Sydney?
Wow that got off the beaten track a bit lol
Thanks :)