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By Nixshanix+1
Hi Ladies, I have a question and need some advice. My son has a male teacher for the first time at school, he is amazing with my son who has ADHD and Dyslexia, my question is I find myself attracted to this teacher and it has me thinking about dating again. But how?? I have not been with anyone since I was pregnant, left an abusive marriage, met my sons father who was abusive also and left before I found out I was pregnant. My son is now 10yrs old so it has been awhile since I have even considered dating. would it be inappropriate to date my sons teacher?? what do you do on a date? I am 40yrs old, he is simalar age, single dad to two amazing boys. Please help I am scared not having been through this for years, don't know what to expect...Thank you.
By Meand myboy
My instinctive response is to do nothing!

Sit and wait awhile. Reflect as to whether you are attracted to him because he is good to your son, or because you find the man appealing. Don't jeopardise what your son has, though. Good teachers are gold. Relationships come and go!
By Isadora
Oh that's a tricky one...I won't date anyone at my kids school - teachers or single Dads. It's purely my own personal decision based on the fact that if the relationship doesn't work out, it will be awkward and possibly uncomfortable for my children and me (and I've watched it happen a few times). I get that for a lot of people this is one of the main places that they socialize or can meet other singles. I guess you do really have to weigh up if the attraction is genuine for the right reasons and if it doesn't work out, will it effect you or your son in any detrimental ways? Then again, maybe you should throw caution to the wind for a chance of happiness? Seriously, dating was hard enough when you didn't have kids to consider! Good luck...