Are you a single mum suffering or surviving with, or recovering from Cancer? This forum is for you.
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By Mama22
Cancer... That big C word that's so hard to say sometimes.

I just hope this is a place that women experiencing it, or has someone close to them living with it or lost from it, can get some support.

It's a very difficult disease to deal with, and being a single mother dealing with it comes with its own amount of difficulties.

Going through Court with it has seemed to be met with little sympathy from mine and other women's accounts. My ex (lawyer)/daughters father got more compassion for a broken leg while skiing, despite the fact he was there standing in Court representing himself against me and his daughter and making every effort to destroy our life.

I know I need to let him and every crooked lawyer(Member, Magistrate, Judge, LSC Delegate) that knew beyond any doubt that he was dishonest and malicious but allowed him to continue abusing us rather than make him take any responsibility, go. I believe their corrupt and dishonest conduct caused the cancer. I believe they would absolutely delighted to know that as I've seen no human compassion or decency from any of them.

I need to let the pain and hurt go because it has literally become a cancer for those that have experienced their abuse and malicice while they're treated as above the law in their fraternity. I hope the day comes their exposed.

Now I just have to focus on explaining the treatment to my children, well, my 11 year old, not my 2 year old. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

I'd trade being in the position I am now and having to explain this to my son and go back to taking the abuse, dishonesty and corruption from that dirty lawyer and co any day.

True suffering isn't when you are in pain, it's when someone you love is and it's completely out of your control.