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By Mama22
Just so you don't think you're alone. It appears that APS corruption is kept secret according to this article: ... 1kpdr.html

So just wondering where all of these people go? Surely they don't just get moves to the Social Security Division of the AAT/SSAT where transparency is minimal? It seems like some just keep getting moved from department to department looking for the most vulnerable victims to abuse with minimal accountability measures in place or civic remedies for redress for victims - such as the ability to sue members when it is warranted.

All of the verbal and physical abuse I've experienced was horrific, but it was completely exacerbated by their conduct that clearly demonstrated that not only the abuse against me and my children was acceptable and even supported, but that fraud, conflicts of interests and egregious perjury were all completely ok because he is a member of the legal fraternatity, and this was all perpetrated in the most conspicuous way that no member of the community has been able to overlook. A complete disgrace for them to think that just because I am a single mother that such misconduct is ok against me and abuse against my children, or that I must be stupid and scared enough by them to ignore it.

Shame on those that are well aware of the corruption they're involved in, but may they rot in hell for doing it to support a rapist that has committed all of these crimes to hurt and avoid any responsibility and duty of care towards his client and children - only the lowest kind of dirt could do that to children and support it. Absolute filth.

They wanted to make a point, and they did - that they're completely crooked and corrupt, and it has been a message received loud and clear by everyone. The AAT/SSAT were the worst, but I know he has even more powerful friends. Screw all of the fraud and corruption they've been involved in to help their mate pay as little as possible for his child, I just want a medical history-that's the filth they support! The kind of garbage that won't even give a child a family medical history, that's the power of corruption where friends come before children and women, before anything with the slightest of morals. Not even the toughest of criminals would treat children the way this scumbag dirty lawyer has treated his child with the full support of his corrupt friends in the system. I hope they all know that - even complete criminals would never do to women and children what they've supported him doing to us. If I could I would ask "was the money worth it? Was your promotion really worth knowing what you did was corrupt conduct to the detriment of a child in full view of so many other professionals?". . . But I know they have no conscience or remorse.