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By Mama22
Just a brief recapitaulation of recent events that will consequentially impact on women and their children.

Trump have become the superpower President-elect. I do not have space to highlight all of his misconceived policies that perpetuate the negative stigma and discrimination against women, disabled, ethnic minorities, the environment, and the list goes on and on. This truly is dangeroud demagogue, and it's unfortunate that the media is so gaged that they can't do more.

I have met a Trump. I have been head on with a psychopath just like him that believes that no matter what crimes he comits - against women, our taxation laws and legal professional rules - and no matter how openly corrupt he is with the nepotistic connections he has having come from such a powerfully high-income family which indisputatably amounts to corruption, he knows that no matter how many times he has been caught out being cruel, a misogynist, and an outright liar involved in egregious fraud, the system has his back because he is a rich white lawyer from a family of rich white criminals that are lawyers and heavily connected in Tribunals such as the AAT, the Courts and with members of our Police. Criminal lawyers are given immunity - I fear he will kill me and my children and then claim immunity, that is how effed up our justice system now is.

Electing Trump is explicit condonation of bigotry and sexism, and even more that what's not commentated on - - -it condones an ourwright LIAR! PROVEN and still elected. He is so much of what I am up against. The lies, the personal and irrelevant attacks, and there was nothing I could do or say to stand up for myself and my children, because he had richeous anger, and nothing I did as a women would be well-received. The then SSAT with the same Member reappointed to bthe AAT was the cruelest person I have ever met, corruption thrives in the AAT!

It's the proven lies of Trump that are of greatest issue, and the way women are still cast off as irrelevant second class citizens.

Ivanka Trump said in First Wives Club 'Don't get mad, get everything!', I say don't get mad, and don't expect anything, but fight so that your children get opportunities and a life that others value as being worth something.

Never let them take that away from our children.