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By Mama22
This is just my opinion, and I would love to hear from other people on their take on her proposed policies.

I consider the prospect of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party in the Senate as a highly concerning situation, on many levels, but let's just focus on her policies surrounding Family Law and Child Support.

It appears that she is in favour of abolishing the Family Law Court and putting it in the hands of the public and other professionals.

I am not completely against this, however, how much training will those of this new forum she proposes have? Will they have the knowledge and legal skills required to determine matters in accordance with our laws? And she wants a zero tolerance for perjury, which is something just anyone does not have the authority to commence proceedings over.

Due to this I call nonsense on her ill conceived notion of a family court forum. We need reform of the current Courts, with greater accountability and transparency being the main focal points for change, and greater access to the Courts for those experiencing financial hardship. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see social workers and psychologist with greater powers and respect in our Courts, but lawyers are quite able to do the job, if it is run according to legal and community standards of equality before the law, and not being run as a money making machine off other people's pain and suffering.

Next point - Child Support. She wants to reduce payments to even less with some income not considered for child support purposes. This is bad policy because it takes no hard evidence into account, and the already minuscule expectations from fathers. Not only do men not want to share in care and the lives of their children, but they are avoiding financial responsibility also. This has no positive affect in society. Maybe this blows my mind because I come from a family where my father would happily give the shirt of his back for his daughters and only worked to support us and his family, and I would go without anything to ensure my children don't, yet this argument of forcing children into poverty so dad can live large and carefree takes hold in the imaginary of some Australian citizens. This is entrenched patriarchal ideology at play, which brings me to my last point.

Domestic Violence policy. Good for her for offering more rhetoric on Domestic Violence. She fails at all to consider the link between economic abuse and violence. In fact, the only inference she makes is when the link is made between the family courts and suicide, murder and violence. The blame is indirectly put on the Courts and women for Domestic Violence. What it says to me is "women should give men what they want or else!"

So, to recapitulate, she seems to be arguing for less support of children (notice that spousal support is not the party's issue), Family Court to become a forum or we risk more murders, violence and suicides.

For a women so passionate about the wrongs of Sharia Law, it's ironic how close her views and policies can at times resemble.

Interesting times in Australia. What are your thoughts?

Peace, love and prosperity Xxoo
By Danny Meconi
I think her policy on this is great. I also give the shirt off my back for my children. Have done since hey were born.
I have 3 children to 3 different mothers. The first took my daughter away from me at age 5 because after 2 years of separation I moved on with my life and she wasn't happy about it. Why should I have had to pay maintenance to her when she cut all ties and went in hiding. I was only in my mid 20's when this happened so may have got the wrong advice from family and friends which certainly did not help me. Last year when I finally found her, she had been poisoned against me and on a message labelled me as a sperm donor even though not only did her mother get more than what she was entitled to in the form of maintenance payments but I would also pay for everything including her car repairs, furniture and a mobile phone and the bill for over 12 months. (Remembering this was nearly 20 years ago and each month the bill was anywhere from $350-$750.)
I see my second daughter all the time and never had an issue with the partner, wether I'm short on maintenance payments or want to take her for a few extra days etc. she is now 8 years old
My last one has just turned 5.
At the age of 3 1/2 we split up as my partner went off with someone else and I left the state we were living in at the time to return to family.
I initially struggled with her as the new partner did not like the fact I would want to constantly Skype and have contact with my daughter.
This ended up in a application for a DVO (that had absolutely no truth in it, and thanks to a family friend of hers, who was a solicitor, convinced her it was not in our daughters best interest, it was withdrawn just before I was served) the reason she did this was because another lawyer told her to, even though he was full aware it would be a false accusation.
Thanks to the family frirnd(lawyer) we were able to come to agreements as well as I had already started speaking with mediation services which we continued to get some agreements in place.
I had been paying maintenance privately but due to the fact CSA had the wrong information on file, and not caring what was told to them they started to take maintenance payments to reflect my income of two years ago of $85,000 instead of my current Pension of $25,000 even though they were taking it from that payment. That created a debt which I have to fill out a heap of paperwork that I don't even understand what I'm filling out as most of the questions are irrelevant. So to cut a long story short my current ex who is in need receives more than what she is entitled to and I pay this privately as she doesn't get any of the money that is taken out of my Pension due to the fact I have a debt to my first ex, who 1 doesn't need the money and 2 doesn't deserve it as she hid my daughter away from me.
So tell me how is this fair on me???
If Pauline's policy was in place back then I would not have a debt, as payments would have stopped when she cut me out of my daughters life and also there may have been the chance that I would know my daughter now as it would have been forced upon her to give me access, without the tens of thousands of dollars that I could not afford to pay at the time to start legal proceedings.
You speak of unqualified people that will be in control but we already have that with 90% of the staff that work at CSA.
The current Family Court system is a joke and from the moment you get a chance to get things started you have already lost months or years of contact with your children.
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By Mama22
Thanks for your response Danny.

Unfortunately, I'm not shocked in the least that the only response to this has been from a father on a single mothers forum.

First, I don't but at all that your ex hid your child. Even animals fight for their children and the involvmemt of a family court judge has been shown to increase men's chances of greater shared parenting.

You at one stage had an $80k salary and you would've been eligible for legal aid when you didn't. The least you could do is pay child support and your daughter is worth it, despite your feelings towards her mother.

It's not spousal support, it's child support after all, otherwise you do become a mere sperm donor.

You created 3 children, take responsibility for them and get a job or share in their care. Good on your ex's for raising your children on their own and with the minimal amount of any help from you dad.