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By Mama22
You couldn't make this stuff up: ... bd53723028

This is such a conservative approach that I just don't understand what labor represent anymore.

The fact is that most men wouldn't be "successful" in their careers if it weren't for the unpaid labour of women. The work we do at home while their pursuing their money. Then, in cases like our after divorce, we're left with caring for the children AND having to work.

In my case, my daughters father is a full-time lawyer, if he had any share in care or cared at all about his daughter, he would have to pay for childcare.

If we were in a relationship, his income would be considered as far as Childcare benefit, but because we are not together, the full cost is on my shoulders. Why should taxpayers help me more than they have too when her father can and should assist? Why should he be able to pursue his career while I have to struggle twice as hard?

We haven't progressed, because now we are not only expected to do all of the care at home, as Shorten highlighted, but also expected to work just as hard and the same hours- but earn much less.

This system is breaking single mothers and their children financial and emotionally everyday, as though they don't want us to be financially independent without a man.

The work women do at home comes from love, but it's still work, and it should be valued and acknowledged in society. It is the hardest work, if people were honest, even though we do it with love, and it's the most important job you will ever have- raising children in society.