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By Mum22
Can we mount an immediate appeal to the Rudd camp to reinstate the parenting Payment Single for sole parents with kids 8-12 at least - throw out the most recent piece of toxic policy regarding single parents??????
By melmeko
I've just sent a message to the Prime Minister asking to reinstate Parenting Payment for all single parents!
I explained my concerns, ie: childcare costs, lack of support, no where in the area offers after hours childcare, it's illegal for kids that are 8 years old are to be home alone, forced to work long hours and barely earning a cent more than the welfare rates, missing out on kids growing up etc. Not to mention the poverty that we are forced into by losing around $200 per fortnight and are expected to live off the same amount as a person who has no children in their care! The FTB doesn't cover the expenses of our children for two weeks, therefore we need to use our additional payment (Newstart/Perenting) to cover the expenses of raising a family, whereas a single person on Newstart only has to provide for themselves, it doesn't make sense.
I ended my message with this:
I appeal for your understanding as a family man to seriously think of our children, please don't take from the poor, we are already struggling enough. There must be other ways you can improve the budget other than targeting battling single parent families in these cuts. I will look forward to hearing your views on this between now and the election.
I personally like Kevin Rudd, but it will seriously depend on what he has to say and plans to do about this situation as to weather I will be voting for him or not!