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By Little Dove
Mods have no idea if election discussions are allowed so totally understand if you delete this.
Just went and looked at One Nations party information, IF elected, one of the things they want to do is ABOLISH THE FAMILY COURT ! It would be replaced with a Family Tribunal.
Makes interesting reading: From there web site.
The Family Law Court should be abolished and replaced with a Family Tribunal. A Family tribunal would exclude legal interference and eradicate the current adversarial system. In the unfortunate circumstances of irretrievable marriage breakdown, support services will be provided that work towards ensuring amicable arrangements between the aggrieved parents in the best interests of the children. Compulsory counselling reinforces societies' values and commitments to the sanctity of marriage and the individual’s commitment to work strongly to retain the marriage vows. All children from a second relationship should be treated equally; children in subsequent marriages should be afforded the same futures as those from a previous marriage. Protection of Families; The role of the family is paramount in the upbringing of children. We have all met especially "difficult" children. Parents must have the right to enforce reasonable household rules by mild physical punishment as a last resort, and any law contrary must be repealed.