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By Mama22
I'm balling my eyes out... I finally weighed myself and I am heavier than I have ever been, even heavier than when I was pregnant!!! I am so upset at myself for letting this happen... I have almost put on almost 20kgs in the last year, and now I am almost 30kgs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight.

I started a diet earlier in the week, and my son saw my starting weight and said I've lost 2 kgs since then... I know I should be happy with that, it's a start, but I've been so strict and feel so far away from my goal.

Has anyone lost this much weight on here? How did you do it and what advice can you give?

I feel like it did break me down going through his abuse in the courts and child support, I let it break me down in every way possible. I admit I had turned to alcohol more often too as a way to self-medicate the pain of it all and was eating... not junk everyday and booze, but the calories obviously took their toll. I have been through so many health scares and I just want my body back now. I can't blame anyone but myself now, I need to pick myself up and show that I am not a broken person and he doesn't have that power over me.

I feel like I'm treated worst since putting on the weight, and I have lost all of my confidence. I can't even write and think clearly sometimes and I feel like it's because I've lost all of my self-esteem.

Can anyone help? Please tell me it is possible and I can lose this much weight. How long did it take you?

Thanks in advance.
By Jessica Duncan
Hi :) don't lose hope, you've already made the 1st step, acknowledging you need to make changes and wanting to lose weight, you've already started working on your diet so congratulations. I've been there, 5 years ago I saw a photo of myself and nearly had a heart attack when It forced me to realize how much weight I had put on after having my son, there was no one to blame but myself, being inactive, terrible food and drinking too much, the next day I joined a gym and committed to eating better. I have lost 30kg and I am now a personal trainer and have never been happier or healthier and I love my life, it can be done.
My advice:
-Don't "diet", just make better food choices and commit to eating better the majority of the time, there's no reason to eat a whole large pizza to yourself or tub of icecream or block of chocolate (all things I used to do, now I may enjoy them occasionally but dont feel the need to eat until I'm almost sick)
-Stop drinking soft drink, fruit juice etc
-Cut back on the alcohol big time, you've heard of the macro nutrients protein, carbs and fats right? Alcohol is another macro and is the 1st one your body will need to burn off before it burns anything else, so if there is alcohol in your system your food will not be burnt off and weight loss is not going to happen during that time.
- DON'T LOOK AT IT AS 30KG!!! Looking at the big picture is huge and daunting, 30kg is maybe a year from now, break it down to achievable goals, start with 5kg, you can lose 5kg and within a realistic amount of time. Lost that 5kg, cool let's work on that next 5kg or next 1kg. You've lost 2kg awesome keep at it and another 2kg will come off. Slowly slowly they all add up.
-Don't just base it on the scale, get yourself some measurements done. I've been running an 8 week challenge at my gym coming up to Christmas and at our mid way weigh ins almost every single person said to me "I've been working really hard and eating really well but I just haven't lost any weight" but when we did their measurements every single one of them had lost 15-20cm off their body overall.
-Don't let any set backs throw you off, you gain a kilo one day,who cares it happens you cant always be perfect keep at it, you give in and eat every terrrible chocolately thingyou can find, so what that's not the end all be all of your life. Take your good days with your bad and stick to it.
-Final bit of advice, weight loss is mostly diet but exercise helps a hell of a lot. Even if it's just walking to start with try to get out there and aim to get into some group fitness, it will push you, help you achieve your goals ad give you a fun social activity that helps so much with mental health and happiness.

Best of luck :) and sorryfor the super lonv response
By Mandy Moo
Hey chin up girl you've taken the first step. I lost 25 kgs and it took me just over a year, it's not meant to be easy but my trick was to walk everywhere. I started out just walking about 3kms a day and slowly built it up then slowly changing my diet and yes I still like to drink my bad. I went back to the old ways fruit veges and meat and I weighed my self every day to make myself accountable . If it doesn't grow in the ground or on trees or you can't kill it I don't eat it but my weakness is bread. Also another tip use a smaller plate eventually your body adapts, lets face it we all overeat and that doesn't help. I even walk to the shop to get my dinner it's either that or I have to go hungry. It'll take a while for the weight to start dropping off so don't get frustrated by it and be realistic and set yourself a goal. I'm pretty sure your beautiful and have just lost your self esteem because it's not easy being a single mum and sometimes it's just really hard but you will get there it just takes time good luck with it all and smile because the kids love it when you do :) good luck
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By Mama22
Thank you SO much Mandy and Jessica!!

Such inspiring responses and I'm going to take all of your advice.

My starting weight is 89kg :( and I would like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 57kgs but I don't even know if that's possible anymore, so I'd just like to be in a healthy weight range but fit.

I started my diet last Monday, and I weighed myself today 1 day before the full week is up and I am on 85kgs... wish I could have knocked the first five kg's off in one week, but slow and steady wins the race I guess, and 4kgs is still pretty food for just 1 week.

I can't wait to be out of the 80's, I've never been here before, not even pregnant, and I can't believe I was so close to the 90's - I just can't believe my body could put on that much, but that's what I get for not weighing myself for over a year.

It's so hard to exercise with the kids, especially over school holidays. I can push my daughter in the pram, and when it's just me and my older son I can jog next to him as he rides his bike. My friend is a p.t and he's given me a bunch of exercises I can do at home to get started, and burpies at the park. I am worried about when I am back at work and uni next year and trying to find the time to stay on top of my fitness.

I feel sooooooo far away from my goal though... I was 77kgs as soon as I gave birth to my son, but with lots of strength and determination, and tbh long hours at the gym working hard, I got down to 55kg's in less than 6 months... sure, I was breastfeeding, but at least I know I can do it once I reach the 70's.

I am so afraid that my body it totally stuffed because I am so much older now (34) and I've yo-yo'd so much. Dieting as a single mum is so hard and at this time of year there is one Chrissy party after the other. I really want to do this challenge, check out the before and afters:

I am going to break my diet on Christmas Day though, I always make a ham with all of the traditional trimmings... I can't wait :lol:
By Blakey
Hi, im a single mum of a five year old. Ive always been kind of plump and im only 5 ft 2 so that doesn't help. Before my daughter was born id tried everything under the sun to lose weight and nothing really worked. Back in April a girlfriend got me onto nutritional cleansing! I lost 9 kilos in a few months and 3 dress sizes. Without exercise (although with a 5 yr old i never sit down anyway :-) extra weight really does batter your confidence and for me being single i thought that also hindered my chances of finding a partner cause i wanted to go out! Love what this system did for me and my girlfriends. I know everyone has rheir 'thing' that works for them and this was mine. I hope you find yours x