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By Mama22

Just wondering if we could create a forum for single mothers dealing with serious illness or someone close to them that is.

It would also help to find support on having discussions with your children about this.

I remember hearing in a lecture once that many men leave marriages after there's been a diagnosis like that as they struggle to cope with the stress of it, so it would be good for those women to get some support. I also believe stress and serious illness go hand in hand and often occur soon after court battles, or during them.

It would be for anyone affected, either themselves, their ex's, children and loved ones fighting and living with serious illness. And also fears of it being brought up and used against them in Court by very nasty ex's to watch them breakdown on the stand and cried, as I've heard some women have experienced.

Any support would be greatly appreciated.
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By Mama22
Oh no, I guess no ones interested in this...

Maybe I didn't explain myself well. I meant like a topic or sub-topic on this forum. I love this forum, it has helped me through so much.

Maybe it isn't the best place to get support for this? I am
Getting counselling too, it would just be nice to link in with other single mothers experiencing life threatening illness or someone close them, and hear their coping strategies.
There may already be a sub-topic like this I haven't found. Peace and health to all.
Hi Mama22 - we do have this one -

Is that of help? Could do a sub forum which is more specific?

Admin don't always get to thoroughly read posts, so it's best to request new forums in the
Forum Rules & Guidelines and your suggestions
Forum - the very first one on the Home page.
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By Mama22
Hi Forum Administrator,

Thank you so much :) you're the very best!

I'm pretty happy with this hear I think. I know there's a sub-topic for Chronic illness and was kind of hoping for something like that for single mothers affected by cancer, but I'm not sure how much it will be used...

Thank you so much for your help, I had no idea where to post this question or how to ask it so thanks for understanding what I was trying to ask.

Happy Sunday! :)