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By Mama22
Hi all,

The weight loss post gave me a good idea and just wanted to see if anyone is interested.

Health and wellbeing of single mothers is really important to me, and I know how easy it is to to feel emotionally and physically (not to mention financially) drained when going through Court, and just in general when you're a sole parent.

I thought we could start putting groups together for mother's walking groups, and other ideas on how to stay fit and healthy as a family on a budget.

We could also share equipment when our kids get too big, like old bikes and bike baby seats.

Before my youngest was born, my son loved riding his bike while I jogged next to him. Now I need a new idea on how to do that with my little one.

Some fitness support and healthy recipes on a budget for us mums would be great - a healthy body, a healthy mind.

I'd be open to suggestions, even a group to get discounted personal training would great too. Can't wait to hear thoughts.