Discuss changing your childs surname, or hyphening your childs surname etc. in here!
I got my daughters name hyphenated to how I wanted.
When she was just commencing school we argued that the child was getting confused as to what her name was and why it was that Mum had a different name.
We sought that the child be called by a hyphenated name at school which is perfectly legal.
We let this go on for a few years and then stated that that the child was confused as to why she is known by her hyphenated name and yet has a different surname.
Judge changed it to the hyphenated name. Was the easiest thing to do.
Father on the other hand was unobliging to change her name legally despite orders being made, so I threatened legal action and he complied.

Hope this helps for others.
By movinforward16
I have the same problem but we don't talk at all, only through his solicitor so I will need to file a contravening order against ex husband as it was agreed to in the final orders. Our child does a hyphenated name but only knows themselves as my surname as I was smart enough to add my maiden name last. If other mothers are in this jam and were sneaky the fathers name could 'just' become a middle name on paper. Unfortunately our child's birth certificate still reflects his birth name and not the hyphenated name as agreed upon in court. Sad part is that his father goes through all this effort of being a jerk throughout the time in court but doesn't value his child enough to allow him to have a valid birth certificate. Medicare and Centrelink accepted the Final Orders and have changed our child's name. My little one knows his parents have different surnames now and that at times he maybe referred to as the hyphenated name. Hope this helps.