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By shereebailey83
Hello There,

I am hoping someone might be able to help. I'm a new single mum with a gorgeous 14month old boy. I was born with a rare genentic condition which unfortunetly gives me frequent severe abdominal pain and a low immune system. I had to leave my husband and i have moved back in with the parents for now but due to circumstances i can't get any help from my family. I have been sick for approx 6 weeks straight and have not had a day where i have felt good, take care of my son is becoming an almost impossible task and i don't know what to do. Is there any government assistance etc that i can ask for, i have him in child care now 3 days a week, but the other 4 days i'm literally getting through it minute by minute... help ???:(
By freshfoodmumma
Hi, I work with families a lot and know of some services around, but it might be different depending on location. Commonwealth Carelink might be of assistance, they can come to your home and spend a couple of hours with bub while you lay down and rest or do what you need for yourself in that time, so it might be a good place to get some hands on assistance on one of the days he's home with you.

There is also Disability Services, you might qualify for that because it's not just about disabilities, they do needs assessments and see who needs help and they take it from there. Your GP or specialist might also be able to give you more local numbers of services.

I know one family has a cleaner funded one day each week to do all the jobs that she can't do due to an injury, so if you get a combination of services to assist life might become that bit more enjoyable, and perhaps if able to you can then pay a teenager to come in and sit with bub while you take care of yourself on one of the other days.

I used to do that as a teen, help out mums who weren't feeling well or mums who had just had a new bub, I'd go over and look after their other kids while she had a nap or hang out some washing while she spent time with the other kids during bub's nap time. Teens love to help out and are very affordable.

Good luck, I hope you find the type of care you are needing.
By shereebailey83
Thankyou so much and thankyou for the quick reply, i will look into carelink and disability services, i am going to the doctor tomorrow to talk to him about different options, i've never seen my condition as a disability until i had a child :( I know i'm a good mum i just can't get on top of things and really feel like i have no where to turn.. thankyou