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Hi Everyone,

My name is Jade I am 31 years old I have 8 children 7 girls and 1 boy.
I have been married for 14 years.
I have suffered physical abuse over a long period of time however have not for a few months now
however the emotional abuse I receive is on a daily basis and on going all the time.

I am wanting to introduce my self but also ask other mothers for help.

I am wanting to leave with my children I feel the more I get older and my children get older I get more impatient and can not take it any more I have felt like this for a while.
I even feel like maybe suicide is the option.

I want to leave soon but getting a house and having money is a problem as there will be 9 of us.

I am wanting to be a single mother I have always raised my children by my self from changing nappies to feeding late at night to washing cleaning school pick up and drop offs to cooking bathing and dressing the kids.

my husband has worked previously moves job from job to support us and bring in the money but having said that so have I for years as well ( when not having a baby).

however he is a very big alcohol drinker and the sight of beer make me want to vomit.
he can drink maybe four times a week he is the type of person to drink until he drops.

unfortunately this is a big concern for me because i get called every name under the sun even in front of my children.
I have left him before when I had only 3 children however i still went back because i feel so emotionally attached I feel that I cant do it on my own.

but as I grow older I feel that getting away is what is needed and never to come back .
when he drinks alcohol he is a happy person towards our children plays games and what not.
however when no alcohol is involved then he is sleeping all day only wakes up when me and kids are asleep.
he is angry and tells every one to f off basically even kids .

I love my children a lot but I need help before I make the move.

please someone give me some advice or some assistance on what to do I have a lot of house hold stuff that I cant just leave to start over again will be very hard
he starts a new job next week on Tuesday so my best time to get away is sometime next week.

I came on this page because I will son become an single mother and I want to hear the stories from other mothers of what they have been through.
so i know that i am not the only one and I will need a lot of support so I can raise my children as a single mother.

I hope a lot of people could help but also support me if i am making the right decision for my self but mostly for my children.

thankyou for reading sorry it is so long but need help

best regards

jade :(
Hi im Kelly im a mum of 1 boy (four) and one on the way :) currently going through courts & have done mediation & family dispute resolution, currently have no contact with ex apart from email (which isnt working, continues to abuse). He plays victim to the courts then takes his mask off later, you get the idea. DV situation, restraining orders, my extended family being protected, im currently still hiding going on 2 years now.
Located in Western Australia.
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